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We'll help you navigate net zero, even if you don't know where to start

Designed for food companies, My Emissions offers an all-in-one platform to calculate, reduce and carbon label your food, used by some of the largest food companies in the world.

We make net zero simple, even if you don't know where to start

Our solution is designed specifically for food companies. Our simple process ‘calculate, communicate, reduce’ is used by some of the largest food companies in the world.

1. Calculate

Simple process to measure the emissions of your individual products and dishes.​

2. Carbon label

Use carbon labels to be transparent, and you can also communicate impact statements.

3. Reduce

Identify emission hotspots and opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

Step 1: calculate the emissions of your products or dishes

We assess the carbon footprint of individual food products and dishes. All assessments align with the GHG Protocol, Product standard, the leading carbon accounting standard. This gives you detailed calculations, but are much quicker and cheaper than ‘life-cycle assessments’.

Step 2: create impact statements and display carbon labels

The results can be used to create powerful impact statements and comparisons, in a way that aligns with the Green Claims Code. All customers can also use the My Emissions carbon label, fostering transparency and enabling your customers to make better informed choices.

Step 3: actionable insights to reduce your carbon footprint

Our product assessments highlight the emission hotspots of your food. You’ll see whether it’s your ingredients, packaging, transport or otherwise that contributes the most to your emissions, and how you can reduce your emissions. 

We’re even starting to see evidence that our carbon label inspires people to make lower carbon choices.

Our work with My Emissions helps Just Eat understand how customers and restaurant partners can make more informed choices when it comes to the food they order and offer.

Jaz Rabadia MBE, Global Head of Responsible Business

Just Eat

My Emissions play a very important part in our sustainability strategy by providing a platform that fits into our Agile development process. We can include carbon footprint as a development discussion, evaluate how ingredients can be selected to reduce it, and ultimately support on-pack carbon labelling.

Martin Baker, Head of ESG

The FSC Group

Working with the My Emissions team has allowed us to take a data-driven look at our carbon hotspots and find effective ways in reducing them. We've made a great first step by reducing the carbon of our gournay-style cheese alternative by 65% is a huge first step.

Beth Moore, Co-Founder

Honestly Tasty

Our experts can help you understand and reduce the emissions of your food