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Easily add carbon labels to your recipes for just £39.95!

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Easy integration: all you need to do is active them

With our Recipes Generator integration it’s now incredibly easy to add carbon labels to your recipe cards. With just one click of a button, you can add a carbon label to all your recipes.

That’s it! All you need to do is activate them.


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What are carbon footprint labels?

Carbon labels are just like nutritional information, allowing you to display the carbon footprint of your recipes. These values educate you about the climate impact of your recipes and empower you to offer more low carbon food.

Why add a food carbon footprint label?

Two-thirds of people want food carbon labels to help them make more sustainable choices. Now you can offer this to them!

Displaying a carbon label means you can showcase your sustainable recipes. Our simple labels are easy for your users to understand and trust, and will clearly show the climate-benefits of your food.

Having carbon labels clearly shows your commitment to climate change, which is important for all your sustainably-conscious users. The values are also a great way to advertise your recipes, engage your existing users, and appeal to new followers and champions. 

What our customers say

"I've dreamt of this feature for years. Thank you to Matthew and the team for developing this. It's the future for recipe developers. Such valuable information to share with everybody"
"My Emissions are leading the way into this new world of enhanced consumer awareness and I am delighted to be one of the first food sites in the world to display environmental information on my recipes. Be the change you want to see. I hope you'll come on board too!"
"If you really care about the impact the food you prepare has on the environment, My Emissions is for you."
"Knowing how much we emit through things like our food consumption is so important for us as individuals to start tackling climate change. I think the more people see these, and incorporate the labels in their products or recipes, the more people will understand how much difference they can make. The labels have improved our credibility as a green news platform."

Heavily discounted prices for Recipes Generator customers

As part of our partnership, all Recipes Generator customers get a special, discounted price for our carbon footprint labels. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get carbon labels for your website!

Free plan

Up to 20 recipes

One site license

Priority support

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Basic plan

Up to 100 recipes

One site license

Priority support

Emissions report


Annual price

More than 50% off

Unlimited plan

Unlimited recipes

One site license

Priority support

Emissions report


Annual price

Best value!

Included in all packages

Find our when the integration launches!

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the integration. Sign up using the form below to be the first to hear when the integration is live.

Click here to go to our main carbon labels page for recipe blogs.

How the Recipes Generator integration works

It’s really easy to add carbon labels to all your Recipes Generator recipe cards! Here’s how it works:


Activate integration

After signing-up, you’ll be sent an email with your API Key which you can enter in the Recipes Generator settings page. This will launch the integration and request a carbon label for all your recipes.


We calculate the carbon footprint values

We are automatically sent a notification to calculate the carbon footprint of all your recipes. When first activated, it can take up to 2 working days for the carbon labels to be calculated and start to display. Similarly, it can take up to 2 working days to calculate the carbon footprint of new recipes once it’s first published.

Note: if you have more recipes than your plan gives you, by default we will calculate a label for the first recipes we get. If you want labels for specific recipes, please let us know when signing up. 


Carbon Labels automatically appear

Once the label has been calculated, this will automatically appear for you within your recipe cards. There’s nothing else you need to do!

Would you like food carbon labels for something other than a recipe blog?

If so, get in touch with us today!