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Honestly Tasty reduces product emissions by 65% in 3 months

    “Working with the My Emissions team has allowed us to take a data-driven look at our carbon hotspots and find effective ways in reducing them. My Emissions have provided the support and expertise to understand these hotspots and create a roadmap to improve our carbon rating in a way that can easily be communicated to customers.

    Reducing the carbon of our gournay-style cheese alternative by 65% is a huge first step in our carbon reduction journey. It’s great to see the measurable difference being made.”

    Beth Moore, Co-Founder Honestly Tasty


    Who are Honestly Tasty? 

    Honestly Tasty are making cheese for cheese lovers, that are planet lovers too. Their motto “No dairy, No compromise” encapsulates what they’re about – creating cheeses for vegans and non-vegans alike, without compromising on taste or texture. Their goal? To make plant-based cheese tasty enough that it drives a change in behaviour!

    And since launching, they’ve gone from strength to strength. Starting small and then launching an online shop during COVID, they now ship to the majority of mainland UK as well as having products available via Ocado, in M&S, at Planet Organic, and over 70 independent stores. Their cheese is also used on menus, from popular plant-based pizzeria Purezza to Michelin star fine dining Pied E Terre.

    The problem: the carbon footprint of their cheeses

    Lowering their impact on the planet is at the forefront of their product development. Honestly Tasty want their plant-based cheeses to have the lowest possible impact on the planet.

    To achieve this, Honestly Tasty wanted granular insights into the emissions of each ingredient and their supply chain. Accessing this data was key to helping them identify and tackle emissions hotspots. Enter My Emissions!

    Honestly, it’s not just a tasty cheese – breaking down the carbon footprint in the My Emissions Platform

    My Emissions worked with Honestly Tasty to assess the carbon footprint of each of their products. An emissions breakdown of their product is then available in the My Emissions Platform – our handy software solution.

    This enables Honestly Tasty to easily spot emission hotspots across their supply chain, compare products, and track emissions reduction progress.

    Generally the Honestly Tasty products had low carbon footprints across the board:

    • Their Blue is B-rated, with a 58% lower carbon footprint than its dairy equivalent.
    • Both their Bree and Sham cheeses are B-rated, showing that it’s possible to have a low-carbon Brie and Camembert equivalent, without losing the great taste.

    However their Herbi was C-rated. With some product development (see below!) they managed to rebrand and develop an A-rated equivalent Gourney. Success!

    “Nut” a bad opportunity - from ‘C’ rating to ‘A’

    Equipped with an understanding of the GHG emissions hotspots across their core products, Honestly Tasty identified an opportunity to reduce emissions across the board and make their products more accessible to customers with allergies. The culprit: the humble nut.

    With the knowledge that many types of nuts have high value chain emissions, Honestly Tasty set to work developing a new, nut-free Gourney style cheese, Garlic & Herb. Their new creation was rated ‘A’ on the My Emissions A-E rating scale, and had a 65% lower carbon footprint than the original product.

    And the resulting product now had a 77.7% lower carbon footprint than an equivalent dairy product.

    Honestly Tasty are in continued cooperation with My Emissions to identify further opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

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