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All-in-one solution to calculate, reduce and carbon label your food

My Emissions works with all food and drink companies, ranging from challenger brands to global enterprises. So we will have the right plan for you!


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  • Product carbon assessments
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  • Dedicated success manager
  • Custom integrations and data science support
  • Baselines and reduction roadmaps
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Our subscriptions vary depending whether you are a retail product or foodservice client. You can calculate the cost of our Starter and Plus+ plans today (Enterprise clients can contact us for a specific quote).

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Frequently asked questions

Food production is responsible for at least 26% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Increasingly your key stakeholders are asking you for information on your environmental impact, including buyers (retail and catering), investors, and consumers. Just like climate change- there’s no time to wait!

My Emissions has a simple process: calculate, carbon label and reduce. You’ll work with us to measure your impact, and use our brand new App to understand and reduce your carbon footprint. Our simple carbon label is available for all clients to use at no additional charge.

Average calculations take 1 month to complete. This process can be much quicker if you’ve got the data ready, or have more simple products. 

My Emissions is the official carbon labelling partner of Just Eat- you can find our labelling in select restaurants and locations via the platform. Our carbon label is flexible, and most clients have started using it (or will soon) on their menus and/or packaging.

My Emissions has a comprehensive emissions database, so we can quickly calculate the carbon footprint of your food. Our data comes from recognised databases or peer-reviewed life cycle assessments. We also work hard to collect primary data from our clients, to make our calculations as accurate as possible.

Yes! Our calculations include the core emissions of a product up to a store or restaurant. This includes packaging of the ingredients and/or final product, and transport to the final location.

My Emissions is a UK-based team working to reduce our carbon footprint from food. We’re making carbon data accessible to food companies, so they can make meaningful carbon reductions. And we’ve developed a simple carbon label so everyone can make more sustainable choices.

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