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The FSC Group: carbon assessments for 250+ food-to-go products in 3 months

    “At FSC, we are committed to providing a complete Sustainability strategy for all our clients. My Emissions play a very important part in this by providing a platform that fits into our Agile development process, allowing carbon impact to be calculated early in any design stage.
    We can include carbon footprint as a development discussion, evaluate how ingredients can be selected to reduce it, and ultimately support on-pack carbon labelling.”

    Martin Baker, Head of ESG at The FSC Group

    About The FSC Group

    The FSC Group is a family business with over 30 years of award-winning experience in creating and delivering bespoke customer food-on-the-move solutions internationally.

    It’s likely you’ll have already tried their products – The FSC Group manages the food offerings for prominent companies, including Waterstones, Dunelm, National Trust, and Shell.

    Their unique business model provides huge flexibility in the product range they offer, spanning sandwiches, sweet and savoury baked items, hot foods, chilled snacks, smoothies and juices.

    The Challenge: Measuring Scope 3 Emissions for 250+ Products

    Sustainability has long been at the heart of The FSC Group. They are proud to have become Net Zero for Scope 1 & 2 in 2023 and are passionate about driving down the total impact of their business in line with the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ campaign.

    Knowing the majority of their emissions are Scope 3 and come from their products, The FSC Group needed to quantify the impact of their existing product range. Starting with UK products, this meant assessing more than 250 items currently in stores, with hundreds of new products constantly in development. The goal was not just to measure emissions, but to set a strategic approach to continuously report and reduce Scope 3 emissions.

    They joined forces with My Emissions to tackle the challenge together, and create a scalable solution to assessing and reducing the carbon footprint of their entire ranges.

    The My Emissions Solution: Integrating Carbon Assessments Into Product Development

    In just 3 months, My Emissions and The FSC Group have established a comprehensive and robust solution, encompassing:

    👉 Automated Assessments via Integrated Platforms: building a seamless technical integration with The FSC Group’s recipe management partner, Point74. This not only streamlines the data collection process, but also ensures that carbon data can be an integral part of The FSC Group’s product development process.

    👉 Insights for Emission Reduction: using the My Emissions platform, The FSC Group benefits from powerful insights for reducing the emissions of their products – breaking down their product emissions into components: ingredients, packaging, processing and transport.

    👉 Carbon Labelling: the FSC Group have integrated carbon labels into the packaging and in-store displays of their partner sites, providing consumers with transparency on the carbon footprint of their meals. Notably, this initiative has been introduced in Waterstones stores and Stena Line ferries, who use a custom carbon label that fits their brand.

    Waterstones Cafe have added the My Emissions carbon label to all their food products.

    Future Plans: Leveraging Emissions Knowledge for New Product Development

    The FSC Group envisions a near future where sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of their operations. Already, they are using their emissions data to inform new product development, placing sustainability alongside cost, nutrition and taste during the concept and development stage. 

    Martin Baker and The FSC Group are passionate about engaging their peers on sustainability initiatives, most recently discussing ‘How to Embed Sustainability into your Brand’ at the Sustainable Foods expo in London. 

    “At FSC, we are committed to assessing all recipes and putting carbon footprint information on pack so that the consumer has an informed choice. By making this visible, we are intentionally inviting customers to engage and question what impact food makes.

    As consumers become more aware, there will be a natural drive to reduce impact during the product development stage. In this way, sustainability will become as natural a discussion point as nutrition is today.”

    Martin Baker, Head of ESG at The FSC Group

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