carbon labels for food products and menus

As awareness of the climate emergency grows, so are demands for food carbon footprint labels.
Our labels help you to understand the climate impact of your food, teach you how to improve its sustainability, and allows you to communicate this in a way customers will understand and trust.

Food carbon footprint label

Why food carbon footprint labels are important

Food is responsible for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Crucially, though, eating low carbon food can significantly reduce our climate impact.

Food carbon footprint labels are just like nutritional information, educating you about the climate impact of your recipes and empowering you to offer more low carbon food.

Do you know the carbon footprint of your food?

Understand, reduce, and communicate

We give you the full breakdown of the carbon footprint of your product, meal, or recipe, allowing you to understand the carbon footprint of your food and see how to reduce it. We also have a range of carbon label design options to communicate the values in a way your customers will understand and trust.

Displaying a carbon label means you can showcase the sustainability of your foodHaving a carbon label also shows your commitment to climate change and are a way to engage and attract new customers.

Example food carbon footprint label by My Emissions

What we offer

We calculate the carbon footprint of your food based on its entire life cycle. You’ll get a simple form to provide us with the relevant information for your food, which we’ve designed to be as easy as possible for you.

Our comprehensive database of food emissions, covering each stage of the food life cycle, greatly speeds up the calculation process, allowing us to offer labels at an affordable price. The database includes values that are specific to the UK and you can read more about our data here.

Currently we only work with producers and restaurants in the UK.

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