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How food carbon labelling can help your brand

My Emissions offers a simple service so you can understand, reduce, and carbon label your food. Learn how this can help your brand today!

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Sustainable food companies are growing fast

According to Kantar’s 2021 insight report, brands with a strong sustainability message are growing fast.

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of all global greenhouse gas emissions comes from food

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of consumers feel that sustainability is more important due to the coronavirus pandemic

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of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands reducing their carbon footprint

See what your carbon footprint results could look like

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of the food carbon footprint of each product or meal, so you can see the climate impact of your food.

A simple carbon label that everyone can understand

A-E rating

Every product or meal is rated from A (Very Low) to E (Very High). The rating system is based on carbon intensity, or the per kg impact of the food.

Traffic light colours

Just like nutritional labels, we use traffic light colours so it’s instantly clear whether a meal has a high or low carbon footprint.

Why work with My Emissions

Robust calculations you can trust

Our database contains values for 3000+ foods from published ‘life cycle assessments’. All results align with the GHG Protocol.

Quick and simple food carbon labels

Our data-driven life cycle assessment approach means our calculations often take less than 1 month.

Affordable carbon labelling solution

We believe carbon labelling should be affordable to everyone, so we can reduce our impact on the planet.

What our clients say

" The level of detail is outstanding "

“We are so glad to have My Emissions throughout our sustainable journey, after many attempts with other companies. The level of details is outstanding and we can’t wait to display the results and help our guests make more climate-friendly choices.”

Caterina Liverani, Marketing Manager at Camile Thai

" Couldn't have been simpler "

“Working with My Emissions couldn’t have been simpler. The process is straightforward and affordable, and their expertise and advice has been reassuring at every step of the way.”

Joe Hill, Co-founder at One Planet Pizza

" Delivered early "

“We’ve worked with My Emissions to carbon label our products. Due to packaging deadlines we were on a tight schedule so needed our calculations on time. This was not only achieved, it was delivered early.”

Will Page, Marketing & Brand Manager at Simply Lunch

We offer more than just food carbon labelling

Food carbon labelling is just one service we offer. Once you’ve calculated the impact of your products and meals, there’s lots more we can do.

Here’s some of the things we’ve done with clients:

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