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Food carbon footprint reduction and labelling, at a fraction of the price for traditional assessments.

Food carbon footprint reduction and labelling, that won't cost the Earth.

Calculate, reduce and carbon label your food, at a fraction of the price of life cycle assessments and consultancies.

Comprehensive calculations that you can trust

My Emissions carbon calculations cover the core emissions from food, including packaging and transport.
Our database has 4000+ foods, and we work with our research adviser, Angelina Frankowska, to constantly update and improve our data.
All calculations align with the GHG Protocol, product standard.

Easily understand and reduce your food's carbon footprint

Our platform helps you to understand how sustainable your food products/meals are. You’ll see your emission hotspots, so you can reduce your carbon footprint from food.

Communicate your impact with our simple carbon label

Just like nutrition labelling, all foods are given a carbon rating from A (Very Low) to E (Very High). Our carbon label is available to all clients for no extra charge.

The My Emissions carbon label is great for engaging internal teams, standing out to buyers and customers, and for use during investment pitches.

My Emissions at the UN Ocean Conference

In partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, My Emissions carbon labelled the menu for events at the UN Ocean Conference, Lisbon 2022.

They’ve now incorporated My Emissions’ carbon label throughout their canteen, and have started identifying ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

We offer more than just food carbon labelling

Food carbon labelling is just one service we offer. Once you’ve calculated the impact of your products and meals, there’s lots more we can do.

Here’s some of the things we’ve done with clients: