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Our free food carbon footprint calculator tells you the climate impact of your food, meals, or a recipe. Find out your carbon footprint today!

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Make a dent in the 25%

25% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from food. This needs to be reduced to meet the Paris Climate Targets and minimise the risks of climate change.

The problem is it’s currently very difficult to see your impact on the planet and how to reduce your carbon footprint of food.

Test the carbon footprint of your recipes

We’ve made our food carbon footprint calculator free to use, so everyone can begin to understand their impact on the planet.

The results are based on global averages, and so can’t be used for commercial purposes. It’s still a useful guide for where your emissions come from and how you can improve.

My Emissions does offer comprehensive carbon footprint assessments and labels for food brands and restaurants. You can learn more about this here.

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Food carbon footprint labels

As people become more worried about climate change, it’s now crucial to incorporate sustainability within your brand’s image.

My Emissions helps food businesses achieve this. We make it easy to calculate the carbon footprint of your food products and meals.

We also provide engaging content, like our food carbon score labels, helping you communicate your positive climate impact to your customers.

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Did you know? The average plant-based meal has a carbon footprint of 1kg CO2e. That’s almost 4 times less than meals containing beef and lamb!

Our data and insights

Click here for more information about our food carbon footprint calculator and labels.

You can also find sustainability insights in our blog and find more details about our data, including our methods and references

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