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Food Carbon Footprint calculator

Our free food carbon footprint calculator tells you the climate impact of your food, meals, or a recipe. Find out your carbon footprint today!



Make a dent in the 25%

At least 25% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from food. This can be cut by half if we started eating low carbon food.

See your carbon footprint

We’ve made our food carbon footprint calculator free to use, so you can easily see the carbon footprint of your food and make more sustainable choices.

Based on global averages

The results are based on global averages. Given what food you eat is more important than where it comes from, it’s a useful guide to your carbon footprint.

Food carbon footprint labels

We help restaurants and food products calculate the carbon footprint of their food, so everyone can make more sustainable choices.

Are you a food company interested in carbon labelling or reducing your impact? Click here to find out more.

About our data

Click here for more information about our food carbon footprint calculator and labels.

You can also find sustainability insights in our news section and find more details about our data, including our methods and references