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Carbon labels integration WP Recipe Maker

New partnership: carbon labels integration with WP Recipe Maker

My Emissions has partnered with WP Recipe Maker to make it easier and cheaper for their customers to add carbon footprint labels to their recipes.

WP Recipe Maker is consistently ranked as one of the best WordPress plugins. It’s used by more than 40,000 food blogs and websites as a template for their recipes, with lots of customisable features and plugins. Now, one of those additional features will be adding our carbon labels to their recipe cards.

Our integration with WP Recipe Maker makes it really easy for their customers to add a carbon label to all their recipes. The labels are added and managed through the WP Recipe Maker plugin, with the values automatically calculated by My Emissions. All users need to do is activate them.

As with all our labels, the carbon footprint of the recipe is displayed in carbon dioxide equivalents (‘CO2e’), which considers all the greenhouse gas emissions from the food, and as a percentage of your fair daily food emissions. This makes it very easy for users to understand the sustainability of the recipe.

Why carbon labels are important

The carbon footprint values educate sites about their own sustainability and how to reduce the carbon footprint from their food. Similarly, blogs can use this to showcase their sustainable recipes and highlight their commitment to climate change. As awareness of the climate emergency grows, there is also an increasing demand for clear environmental information, so the labels help websites to built trust and brand-loyalty with their users.

Brecht Vandersmissen, owner and developer of WP Recipe Maker, said: “People are increasingly aware of the impact they have on our planet but don’t know where to even start to calculate their impact. My Emissions does the heavy lifting for you and its new WP Recipe Maker integration makes it incredibly easy for food bloggers and their readers to make conscious decisions and move toward a better world, one dish at a time.”

Carbon label WP Recipe Maker

Here’s what a carbon label can look like within a recipe card

Through the partnership, WP Recipe Maker customers are also entitled to a special, reduced price. For them, it will now cost no more than £39.95 (about $54).

You can find more details about the offer and how to sign up on our specific WP Recipe Maker page.

If you’re not a WP Recipe Maker customer, you can still get carbon labels from My Emissions as normal. Details of this can be found on our main recipe blog page.

Press release

Click here for a copy of our full press release.