carbon footprint labels and assessments for foodservice and hospitality

Our carbon assessments and labels allow you to offer and showcase low-carbon meal options.

Quick and reliable carbon footprint calculations

Our unique model makes it incredibly quick to calculate the carbon footprint of your meals.

We use the latest scientific research to ensure all your values are accurate and credible.

All our clients receive a full breakdown of the results, so you can clearly see where your emissions come from.

Carbon labels for all your meals, or just the low-carbon options

You have complete control over how you display the carbon footprint values (and even if you display them at all).

Our carbon label options allow you to display the total carbon footprint or emissions category of all your meals, or just highlight your low carbon food options.

Use carbon labels to attract climate-conscious customers


of consumers are more likely to buy from brands reducing their climate impact



the percent of people Sainsbury’s expect will be at least flexitarian by 2025 due to eco-anxiety



of vegans or vegetarians eat out in non-vegan or non-vegetarian restaurants

Healthy People Healthy Planet logo

Healthy People, Healthy Planet mark

We’ve teamed up with the Sustainable Kitchen Consultants to offer the Healthy People, Healthy Planet mark.

This badge is the best way for food service providers (including caterers and restaurants) to show they offer food that’s good for you and the planet.

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