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Camile Thai becomes the first major UK restaurant chain to add food carbon labels to its menu

Camile Thai is the first major UK and Irish restaurant chain to add carbon labels to its menu.

We are thrilled to announce that Camile Thai has recently partnered with My Emissions to implement carbon labels on its menu. The labelling will appear alongside nutritional values to encourage consumers to buy low carbon food.

What are carbon labels, and why are they important?

Carbon labelling is an easy way of showing whether a food item is high or low in carbon emissions.

My Emissions’ standard procedure allows for each dish to be accurately assessed. It takes into account all farming, processing, packaging, and transport emissions. Each meal is then rated from A-E (‘very low’ to ‘very high’) based on the total carbon emissions of the dish. The rating is combined with traffic light colours, and in some cases the total carbon footprint of the meal.

Carbon labels are important because a quarter of global emissions comes from food production! Our carbon label is therefore designed so you can see which options from the menu have a high or low carbon footprint. We hope this information will empower people to make more sustainable choices.

Camile Thai adds carbon labels to the menu

From March 2022, Camile Thai is the first major restaurant chain in the UK and Ireland to adopt carbon labelling.

“I’m hoping that having carbon labels on our menus will help encourage change on an individual level and that it will help educate our guests to eat more sustainably,” says Caterina, sustainability advocate at Camile, “I’d be happy to spark some healthy competition among brands in terms of emissions and I’d be thrilled to see other restaurants providing the same information and increasing awareness on the matter”.

Matthew Isaacs, co-founder of My Emissions, said: “Camile Thai approached us wanting to help customers understand their carbon footprint. It’s not as easy as looking at the packaging and transport each meal, the ingredients are the most important factor. Camile are now leading the way on carbon labelling and I’m excited to work closely with them to help people make more sustainable food choices.”

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About My Emissions

My Emissions offers a simple carbon label for food companies wanting to be transparent with their climate impact. We offer detailed assessments and reports, so you can understand the impact of each product or meal. Our label is used by both restaurants and food products such as Simply Lunch, One Planet Pizza and Clean Kitchen.

If you’re a food company interested in carbon labelling, click here to book a call with our team and learn more.