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What is the environmental impact of your diet?

Our easy to use food carbon footprint calculator estimates the emissions of a recipe or day’s food. This helps you to find low carbon food and maintain a more sustainable diet!

At least 20% of global emissions come from food

Food consumption is the second biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. However, finding information on what is low carbon food is incredibly difficult – why don’t foods come with an environmental label, just like nutritional information?

What does a sustainable diet look like?

We found this question frustratingly difficult to answer.

Therefore, all food carbon footprint calculator results are displayed as a percentage of the fair daily food emissions (read more about this here). This helps you to understand the values, find low carbon food, and ultimately eat a more sustainable diet.

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Food carbon footprint labels

We offer a simple carbon label to food blogs and websites, allowing you to display the estimated carbon footprint of your recipes. With so many people trying to reduce their carbon footprint, this will help you to gain sustainably-conscious users and  followers. Click here for more information!

Food carbon label for recipe blogs

Our data and insights

How do we generate the recommended daily food emissions value? What factors should you consider to eat a sustainable diet? What are low carbon foods? For the latest environmental news and tips on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, check out the latest articles on our blog.

Our daily food carbon footprint calculator uses estimated emission values based on the latest data and research. For more information on our method and references, including the limitations of the displayed results, click here to read about our data.

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