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The UN has declared climate change the challenge of our generation. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you make more sustainable choices.

Before nutritional information started being displayed, it was really difficult to see and understand the impact of your food on your health. We know have the same situation, only this time it’s about sustainability.

Currently climate data is expensive and time-consuming, which is why so few products currently display this information. My Emissions is changing this by offering automated carbon footprint calculations, making it easier and cheaper for brands to calculate the impact of their food.

The more brands calculating and displaying their climate impact, the better chance we have of tackling the climate emergency.

Make a dent in the

Make a dent in the 25%

Food is responsible for at least 25% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

And the UN says we must reduce emissions by at least 7.6% every year to meet the Paris Climate targets.

Now is the time to make our food system more sustainable.

My Emissions makes this possible.


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“My Emission’s simple approach to demonstrating the wider impact of the foods we choose … is so crucial if we are to improve our food sustainability.”

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