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My Emissions is reducing the environmental impact of food

My Emissions works with the most innovative food companies in the world to help people make informed choices and reduce the environmental impact of food.

Our story

My Emissions started during the Covid-19 pandemic, when our founders, Matt and Nathan, started researching how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Food quickly stood out as one of the best solutions for climate change, as it creates 33% of all global GHG emissions each year.

My Emissions started as a simple online calculator and tool for recipe blogs, but it’s quickly evolved into the leading platform for food companies to measure, reduce and communicate their impact.

Our goal is to unlock the data we need for everyone to make more informed food choices.

We enable companies to reduce emissions from food

Robust assessments you can trust

Our database contains 3000+ foods, based on data from life cycle assessments (ISO 14040 standards). Assessments align with the GHG Protocol.

Actionable insights to reduce your emissions

Identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your food products, to meet your Net Zero or SBTi targets.

Foster transparency with carbon labelling

My Emissions offers a simple carbon label based on an A-E rating system, so you can be transparent about your carbon footprint.

Our team of experts

Matthew Isaacs headshot 2023

Matthew Isaacs

Co-founder, Commercial

Nathan Bottomley

Co-founder, Product

Lydia Straszim

Client Success Lead

Katherine Hartzenberg-Aeroe

Carbon Impact Associate

Gianluca Ivaldi

Enterprise Account Executive
Natalie Smith headshot

Natalie Smith

Account Manager

Joseph Hayden

Head of Software Engineering

Tommaso Moro

Software Engineer

Darnell Sylvain

Software Engineer

Rafael Machado-Molina

Data Engineer

Rúben Garcia

Environmental Researcher and Analyst

How can My Emissions help you?

Discover how food companies like Just Eat use My Emissions to reduce emissions and display carbon labels.