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Reduce risk, enhance brand image and achieve climate targets

Without needing a big sustainability team

My Emissions is the #1 platform to measure and reduce the environmental impact of food, trusted by some of the largest food companies in the world.

The problem

Food companies are under pressure to be transparent about their impact and reduce emissions.

Food creates 33% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Regulators and customers are therefore focusing on food and asking companies how they’re reducing their impact.

The Solution

Transform your sustainability strategy with product insights.

This is the best data to effectively reduce scope 3 emissions, and allows you to engage customers with food carbon labels.

Challenge #1

How to measure emissions without spending all you time and resources.

Measuring your carbon footprint requires a detailed mapping of your supply chain. Done incorrectly, it can take significant time and resources.

My Emissions prioritises integrations with your existing systems, from Excel to recipe software, to instantly get the data we need.

This way, we quickly assess all your products without creating additional work for your team, so you can focus on the insights and reducing your emissions!

Challenge #2

How to communicate your impact in a way customers will understand.

Maybe you’ve thought about displaying your carbon footprint, but are worried people won’t understand what it means?

My Emissions offer a simple carbon label, modelled on nutrition labels, so you can be transparent about your carbon footprint in a way that everyone will understand.

Challenge #3

How to introduce food carbon labels without any standards or regulation?

Currently, there are no standards or regulation on what food carbon labels (or eco-labels) should look like.

My Emissions is already engaging with DEFRA to standardise eco-labelling for food companies, and is following similar projects in the EU.

With regulation not far away, now is the perfect time for food companies to get ahead and trial carbon labels (even if the data is used for internal purposes only).

We can also keep you updated on the progress of regulation, and update labels as they change.

Our carbon label uses a simple A-E rating system to help people and businesses make better informed food choices.

We enable forward-thinking food companies to reduce emissions and be transparent to their customers, delivering key results within 3 months

Simple carbon assessments for food and drink products, because you can't reduce what you don't measure

My Emissions offers simple carbon assessments for individual food and drink products (and dishes).

All assessments align with the GHG Protocol and cover the product’s life-cycle, including scope 3 packaging and transport emissions.

The results enable you to identify emission hotspots and opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

Already have a net-zero roadmap, but not sure what to do next?

Using the insights from your product assessments and our reporting module (which uses sales or production information), you can you can generate baselines and identify the opportunities for emission reduction.

And then you can use this to track performance against your climate goals, including your journey to net-zero.

Our work with My Emissions helps Just Eat understand how customers and restaurant partners can make more informed choices when it comes to the food they order and offer.

Jaz Rabadia MBE, Global Head of Responsible Business

Just Eat

My Emissions play a very important part in our sustainability strategy by providing a platform that fits into our Agile development process. We can include carbon footprint as a development discussion, evaluate how ingredients can be selected to reduce it, and ultimately support on-pack carbon labelling.

Martin Baker, Head of ESG

The FSC Group

Working with the My Emissions team has allowed us to take a data-driven look at our carbon hotspots and find effective ways in reducing them. We've made a great first step by reducing the carbon of our gournay-style cheese alternative by 65% is a huge first step.

Beth Moore, Co-Founder

Honestly Tasty

33% of global GHG emissions comes from the food sector.

Reducing emissions from food is one of the most important ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

That’s why major companies like Just Eat are working with My Emissions to adopt carbon labels and reduce their emissions.

Join them today.

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of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from food

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Discover how food companies like Just Eat use My Emissions to reduce emissions and display carbon labels.