Like nutritional information, but for emissions! Simple carbon label for food blogs and websites

The World needs clear environmental information to respond to the climate emergency. We therefore offer the first carbon label for food blogs, allowing them to display the climate impact of their recipes.

The first carbon label for food blogs, displaying the climate impact of their recipes

Nutritional labels on packaging and recipes educate us about the impact of different foods on our health, influencing the choices we make.

We want to do the same with environmental information. We offer the first eco label for food blogs and websites, allowing them to display the impact of their recipes.

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What is the environmental impact of your diet?

Food contributes at least 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Making small dietary changes is therefore one of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Our calculator allows you to select the specific food you’ve eaten. We then use our average emission values to estimate your carbon footprint, displaying the results against the fair daily amount. The insights offered will help you to find low carbon food and make more sustainable choices.

Latest insights:

Allbirds Carbon footprint eco-label

Why are carbon labels so rare?

By now you’ll be used to seeing certain bits of information on products. The best example is food, where you almost always find some form of nutritional information on all…

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