Food carbon Footprint labels

Understand and showcase the carbon footprint of your food!

Homepage banner for My Emissions food carbon footprint labels
Homepage banner for My Emissions food carbon footprint labels

Food carbon footprint labels for recipe blogs

Nutritional labels educate us about the health impact of different foods, influencing the choices we make.

We offer the same for food emissons. For the first time, food bloggers can now display the carbon footprint of their recipes, sharing the climate benefits of their food.

What’s the carbon footprint of your recipes?

People want to find low carbon food. Will you help them?

25% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food

of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from food. This makes food the second biggest contributor to global emissions.

67% of consumers want food carbon labels

About two-thirds of consumers would like to see carbon labels for food, which will help them make more sustainable choices.

81% of people think about the environment when making a purchase

More than 80% of people say they consider the environment when making a decision or purchase.

Our goal: to Educate and Empower

Declare a climate emergency

The IPCC has warned that a rise of 1.5C in global temperatures would be devastating. We are nearing 1.5C, and it's time to declare a climate emergency.

Transparent & accessible data

Climate data should be clear and accessible. People should be able to see the climate impact of their decisions and purchases.

Empower people to respond

Making environmental information clear and accessible will empower people to make more sustainable choices.

As awareness of the climate emergency grows, people increasingly want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

However, without clear environmental information it’s hard for people to know the best ways to reduce their impact on the climate.

Our carbon labels educates you and your users about the climate impact of your food. The values and analysis empowers you to improve the sustainability of your food, and allows you to clearly communicate this to your users.

Find out about us from the first blog to display food carbon footprint labels

On 15th October 2020, Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary became the first food blog to add carbon labels to all their recipes.

We talked with Elizabeth about the labels; you can read our interview with her here.

See how it's calculated

Eating sustainably is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

Our food carbon footprint calculator estimates the climate impact of recipes, or a day’s food. All results are displayed as a percentage of the fair daily amount, helping you to find low carbon food and make more sustainable choices!

Understand our food carbon labels

Have you seen our food carbon footprint labels on a recipe? On this page you’ll find the most important things you need to know to understand the labels and values!

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