Food carbon labels
simple, affordable, essential.

All food companies should be able to calculate their carbon footprint.

My Emissions is the first affordable provider dedicated to helping food brands calculate their carbon footprint and stand out to climate-conscious consumers.

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Understand and reduce your carbon footprint from food

Food is responsible for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions. But it’s also where we can make the biggest emissions reductions today.

So would you like to know your impact, and how to reduce your carbon footprint?

Develop a sustainability story and make more sales

My Emissions will help you communicate your results, helping you stand out to eco-conscious customers.

All our clients can use our carbon label at no extra cost. We can also benchmark and compare your food and generate engaging metrics for website infographics and impact statements.

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Sustainable food companies are growing fast

According to Kantar’s 2021 report, brands with a strong sustainability message are clearly growing at a faster rate. Here’s some of the reasons why.


of consumers think about the environment when making a purchase



of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands reducing their carbon footprint



of consumers feel that sustainability is more important due to the coronavirus pandemic

Working with brands throughout the food sector...

Helping Clean to stand out

“My Emissions have been pivotal in accelerating Clean Kitchen as a sustainable brand. Being sustainable is central to our clean-ethos and has provided us with a unique selling point for many of our brand partnerships. For example, the recent release of our Clean Coffees has caught the attention of ‘Zapp’ which will now be delivering our carbon-free coffees all over London.”

Jane Goodman,
Head of Sustainability at Clean Kitchen

Natwest Pitching challenge 2021

“My Emission’s simple approach to demonstrating the wider impact of the foods we choose … is so crucial if we are to improve our food sustainability.”

Start your food sustainability journey today