Easily calculate your food's carbon footprint

Track your carbon footprint from food, reduce your climate impact, and generate engaging content, including carbon footprint labels.

My Emissions makes this as easy as possible.

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Know your carbon footprint, and communicate the results

My Emissions calculate the carbon footprint of food products and meals. Our specialist team makes the process simple and easy to manage.

We also help market your results. This includes carbon footprint labels, infographics, and comparing your food against similar products.

Why work with My Emissions

Climate action is happening now

Sainsbury’s expect 75% of consumers will be flexitarian by 2025 due to eco-anxiety


Improve retention from climate-conscious customers

67% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands reducing their carbon footprint


Credible results that your customers can trust

 My Emissions are food carbon footprint specialists, and we align with the GHG Protocol

Natwest Pitching challenge 2021

“My Emission’s simple approach to demonstrating the wider impact of the foods we choose … is so crucial if we are to improve our food sustainability.”

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