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Helping food companies be more sustainable

My Emissions is making it easy for you to understand and reduce your food’s carbon footprintAnd with our simple food carbon label, start communicating this to your team and customers today.

Sustainable food companies are growing fast

*According to Kantar’s 2022 insight report
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of all global greenhouse gas emissions comes from food
(Poore and Nemececk, 2019)

0 %

of consumers say sustainability is has become more important since the coronavirus pandemic
(Kantar, 2021)

0 %

of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands reducing their carbon footprint
(Carbon Trust, 2019)

Easily understand and reduce your food's carbon footprint

Our platform helps you to understand how sustainable your food products/meals are. You’ll see your emission hotspots, so you can reduce your carbon footprint from food.

Simple carbon label everyone understands

Just like nutrition labelling, all foods are given a carbon rating from A (Very Low) to E (Very High).

The My Emissions carbon label is offered to all clients for no extra charge. It’s a great way to engage internal teams, standing out to buyers and customers, and for use during investment pitches.

Start reducing your food's carbon footprint today

Why work with My Emissions

Robust calculations you can trust

Our database contains values for 3000+ foods from published ‘life cycle assessments’. All results align with the GHG Protocol.

Quick and simple data-driven approach

Our data-driven life cycle assessment approach means our calculations often take just a few weeks to complete.

Affordable food carbon labelling solution

We believe carbon labelling should be affordable to everyone, so we can reduce our impact on the planet.